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Have you ever walked through a city and felt like you were missing something? Something that would connect you to the urban landscape in a more profound way? That’s where the “Yellow Arrow” comes in – a distinctive signage concept that invites people to follow its lead and explore the city’s hidden gems. But what exactly is the “Yellow Arrow,” and how did it become such a sensation among urban explorers worldwide? Let’s find out!

What is the “Yellow Arrow”?

The “Yellow Arrow” is a small, bright yellow arrow-shaped sign that you can find stuck to various surfaces in public spaces, such as walls, buildings, and sidewalks. The sign features a single word or question that encourages people to look around and discover something new. For example, some signs say “Pause,” “Listen,” or “What’s here?”

The “Yellow Arrow” was first introduced in 2004 by two artists from Minneapolis, Carmen and Tom Lasky. The Laskys wanted to create a simple but meaningful way to connect people with their urban environment and encourage them to discover the little things which might go unnoticed in the hustle and bustle of the city. They started placing the signs in different locations around their hometown and received a positive response from people who found the signs intriguing and fun.

How does the “Yellow Arrow” work?

The “Yellow Arrow” works based on the principle of curiosity and serendipity. When people come across the sign, they can scan it with their phones and read a brief explanation of its purpose, along with a link to a website or social media page that provides more information about the project. They can also leave comments and share their own experiences of following the “Yellow Arrow” on the website.

After seeing the sign, people are encouraged to follow its direction and observe their surroundings more attentively. They may discover an unusual building, an awe-inspiring mural art, or a quiet park tucked away behind a busy street. The idea is to create a “treasure hunt” for urban explorers and to inspire them to approach their city in a more adventurous way, like a game or an exciting challenge.


Where can you find the “Yellow Arrow”?

The “Yellow Arrow” has gone global since its modest beginnings in Minneapolis. You can find the signs in various cities around the world, including New York, London, Paris, Istanbul, Buenos Aires, and Tokyo. Each sign is unique, and the messages are often related to the local culture and the city’s history or personality.

If you are interested in discovering the “Yellow Arrow” in your city, you can visit their website ( and check the interactive map that shows the locations of the signs. You can also participate in the project by creating your own signs and sharing them with the “Yellow Arrow” community. The website provides instructions on how to make a sign, along with tips and examples of other users’ creations.

Why is the “Yellow Arrow” important?

The “Yellow Arrow” is important because it promotes a sense of curiosity, wonder, and connection with the urban environment. In today’s fast-paced world, people tend to rush through the cities, ignoring the beauty and uniqueness of their surroundings. The “Yellow Arrow” challenges this mindset and invites people to slow down, look up, and appreciate the small details that make a city special.

The “Yellow Arrow” is also a communal project that encourages collaboration, exploration, and creativity. Anyone can participate, and the signs often become a starting point for conversations and interactions among strangers who share a common curiosity.

The Bottom Line

The “Yellow Arrow” is a unique and inspiring concept that invites people to explore their cities in a playful and engaging way. By following the signs, people can discover the hidden gems in their surroundings, connect with others, and create memorable experiences. If you see a “Yellow Arrow” on your way, don’t hesitate to follow it and see where it takes you!

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