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Yoshi, who resembles a dinosaur, is the main character of his own franchise and works as Mario and Luigi’s ally. Any Yoshi from Yoshi’s Island that is a member of the Yoshi species can be called the “Yoshi” character, but not all depictions of the character will necessarily be the same. He received his name from Yoshi’s Island, where he was first found, claims the Super Mario World handbook.

He frequently serves as a rideable character for the heroes in the Super Mario series, but he is a playable character all by himself in the majority of the spin-off games. The characteristics that most describe Yoshi are his adorable looks, his upbeat and sociable demeanor, his flutter-jumping and egg-laying prowess, his rideability as a horse, and proclaiming his own name.

In Super Mario World, Yoshi and several Yoshis make their appearance. Some of the Yoshis are magically enclosed in eggs by Bowser. The Koopalings are subsequently entrusted with the care of these eggs. Yoshi is locked in an egg that is tucked away in a block in a field on Yoshi’s Island as he goes out to rescue them.

Yoshi is eventually discovered and released by Mario and Luigi. Yoshi informs the Mario Brothers that Dinosaur Land is in danger after being freed. Together, they free the other Yoshis that are held captive and stop Bowser from capturing Princess Toadstool.

Yoshi can beat virtually any adversary with the use of his long tongue, even some that Mario and Luigi couldn’t normally vanquish. He can consume power-ups as well. Yoshi will flee if an adversary touches him, therefore Mario or Luigi must pursue him and hop on him to calm him down and let him continue riding. Yoshi is not permitted to enter castles owned by the Koopalings or Bowser, save for the Sunken Ghost Ship.


These levels are entered by Mario or Luigi alone, and Yoshi waits outside for them both to emerge. A feature common to most games where Yoshi is a rideable character is the addition of percussion to the soundtrack while Mario or Luigi is aboard Yoshi.

Yoshi learns various skills based on the color of the Koopa shell he consumed when he consumes various Koopa shell varieties. Yoshi has the ability to spit up Green Shells after eating them. He has the ability to spew forth three fireballs after eating a Red Shell. Yoshi has the ability to stomp on the ground and create sand clouds after eating a Yellow Shell. Finally, Yoshi may temporarily fly after consuming a Blue Shell.

Additionally, Yoshi can get wings from a Prize Block. Except in Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2, where Yoshi keeps his color after getting the wings, these wings make Yoshi blue and let him fly.

In Star World, Mario may use various objects and opponents to feed Baby Yoshis of various colors, eventually growing them into full-grown Yoshi. No matter what color the shell is, each of these colored Yoshis can utilize a certain ability while they have it in their jaws.

The seven Yoshi eggs and Princess Toadstool are saved when the Mario Brothers successfully take down the Koopalings and Bowser. After defeating the Koopa Troop, Mario, Luigi, Toadstool, and Yoshi head back to Yoshi’s House to celebrate. Following the festivities, the seven saved eggs hatch into Baby Yoshis.

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