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Zombie are dead-walkers, automatons and robots. Zombies are people who walk on the earth’s surface, not realizing that they are dead. As in life, zombies tend to have the same basic needs: food, clothing and shelter. Nevertheless, zombies operate in a state of paralysis, which, when viewed from a life sometimes seems like a trance induced by the drug and a trance leaving them seemingly unable to make decisions that could improve the quality of life and improve their condition.


There are many types of zombies depticted in stories, games, TV shows and movies throughout history, so how do you know which type is expected to come in outbreak? Despite the fact that it is better to be prepared for all kinds.

According to Haitian folklore is to free the afflicted from their zombie state;not to kill them. To free a zombie, either feed them salt, or take it to the ocean. The zombie will become self- aware and try returning to the grave.

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