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Goofy is an animation character, a Bloodhound dog breed created by the Walt Disney Studios as a companion to Mickey Mouse. His original name was Dippy Dawg but later it is known as Goofy. It appeared for the first time with the name Dippy Dawg in 1933, in the “Mickey Mouse Magazine”. He also appeared in the 1932 Short 7 mins Film/Comedy “Mickey’s Revue” directed by Wilfred Jackson.

He is a most naïve anti-hero, who lives in his own world based on misunderstandings and childish jokes. He also usually gives advice to children and appears as a good father, with his son Max Goof. He has appeared in various animated films and even as a video game character.

Spouse(s): Mrs. Goof/Mrs. Geef
Family: Goof family
Species: Anthropomorphic dog
Significant others: Clarabelle Cow, Glory-Bee
Movies and TV shows: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, A Goofy Movie

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