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A savvy consumer understands when and how to take advantage of a store’s bargain. Additionally, a strong sale might draw in a large number of potential consumers who weren’t there before. Never try to bargain down a good deal. So why does it draw clients?

The loss aversion concept is the primary motivator behind why discounts draw customers. Discounts also increase enthusiasm, release the feel-good hormone oxytocin, and make customers feel wiser since they saved money.

Why Discounts Attract Customers

Customers like a good bargain for a variety of reasons. Finding the best deal and saving money are concepts that are appealing to everyone. Customers will find a business more enticing when it offers discounts for the following reasons:

  • It adds to a customer’s happiness.
  • It betters the relationship between customer and company.
  • It makes it easier to shop in one place.
  • It adds to the excitement of shopping.
  • It makes the customer feel smart.

Adds To A Customer’S Happiness

Shopping is a great method to relieve tension and take your mind off of your troubles. However, research has shown that discounts make customers happier. Oxytocin (the happy hormone) levels can go up quite a deal even with minor savings.


Shopping is always enjoyable, and it helps you save money. It’s similar to achieving a goal you weren’t even aware you had. You may save even more money with some discounts and coupons that reduce the cost of the goods to just a few dollars. Who wouldn’t be delighted with such small triumph?

Customers will find it simpler to buy in one location thanks to discounts. Even though some of the things are more expensive than at other places, people will still buy more if they are aware that they can save money on many other items.

Customers don’t want to make an extra effort to visit another store only to get something cheaper. If the retailer offers many discounts, choosing this one is preferable than purchasing elsewhere.

And these days, businesses will match prices at other outlets if you can show that they do. This makes it simpler to buy at a single location and enables the customer to feel as though they defeated the big business by preventing it from collecting more of their money.

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