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3 (three) is a number, a digit and a glyph representing a number. This is a natural number that follows 2 and is preceded by 4. It is a number and a cardinal number, that is, the number used for counting. In addition, it is classified as a real number, which distinguishes it from imaginary numbers.

The number three was once written on as many lines as this number. The Romans were tired of writing 4 as IIII, but 3 continued to write in three lines in Roman and Chinese numerals. his was the way the Brahmin Indians wrote it, and Gupta makes the three lines more curved. Nagari began to rotate the lines clockwise, ending each line with a slight downward slope to the right. In the end, they made these strokes connected with the lines below, turning them into a character that is very similar to the modern 3 with an additional stroke at the bottom.


The generic version of digit 3 has a flat peak similar to the symbol Ʒ (ezh), which is sometimes used to prevent falsification of 3 to 8.

In mathematics, three is the first unique prime, based on the properties of its reciprocity.

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