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Stars are often used as rating symbols. They are used by reviewers to rank things like movies, TV shows, restaurants, and hotels. For example, a hotel rating from one to five stars is usually used to evaluate hotels, and five stars are of the highest quality.

Video Games

Star ratings are not often used to evaluate the quality of video games, but rather are used in certain games for various purposes. One of the noteworthy applications of the star system is to evaluate the player’s performance at the level of up to three stars used in many modern multi-level games, such as Angry Birds. This three-star rating system sets the player the task of repeating and completely mastering previously completed levels to get the perfect 3-star rating, which can give other advantages or bonus content.

Another use of star ratings is to designate the rarity of characters in video games, where players are faced with the task of collecting many characters, such as Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and Marvel: Contest of Champions, in which stronger and rarer characters are noted. with more stars to look more valuable. Stars are also used to determine the complexity of a game or scene (for example, in the SNES Street Fighter II version and its updates) or to evaluate the characteristics of a character to be chosen or in team sports games.


Restaurant Ratings

Restaurant guides and reviewers often use stars in restaurant ratings. The Michelin system stores stars for exclusive restaurants and gives up to three; The vast majority of recommended restaurants generally do not have a star rating. Other guides currently use up to four or five stars, with one star having the lowest rating. Stars are sometimes replaced by symbols such as a fork or spoon. Some guides use separate scales for food, service, the environment, and even noise levels.

The Michelin system remains the most famous stellar system. A single star means “a very good restaurant in its category”, two stars – “excellent cuisine, worth the detour” and three stars – “exceptional cuisine, worthy of a special journey.”

Michelin stars are awarded only for the quality of food and wine; The level of luxury of a restaurant is evaluated separately using a scale from one (“quite comfortable”) to five (“luxury in a traditional style”) symbols for a fork and a spoon.

Military Ranks

Highest military ranks in all services are marked by stars in many countries, starting with a star rank that usually corresponds to brigadier, brigadier general, commodore or air commodore, and ending with the most senior stars of five stars.

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