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8 (eight) is a number., numeral and a character, glyph representing the number. This is a natural number, which follows 7 and is preceded by 9. This is a number and a cardinal number, i.e., the number used for counting. In addition, it is classified as a real number, which distinguishes it from imaginary numbers.

At the beginning, various groups in India wrote eight more or less with a stroke similar to a curve that resembles uppercase H with the lower half of the left line and the upper half of the right row. At some point this glyph approached the modern five. In the western Ghubar Arabs, the similarity of the five-pointed glyph was expelled, linking the beginning and end of the stroke together. Then the Europeans simply surrounded the hood, which led to the modern eight.


8 is the basis of the octane number system, which is mainly used with computers. In octal, one digit represents 3 bits. In modern computers, a byte is a group of eight bits, also called an octet.

The number 8 is the Fibonacci number, which is 3 plus 5. The next Fibonacci number is 13.

Eight and nine form a Ruth-Aaron pair under the second definition, which takes into account many primary factors as often as they do.

One eight-sided polygon is an octagon. Figurate numbers representing octagons (including eight) are called octagonal numbers. One octahedral polyhedron is an octahedron.

Spherical numbers always have exactly eight divisors.

Eight is the size of octonions and is the highest possible value of a normalized separating algebra.

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