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Abstract art is an art form. As explained in the name, paintings are comes under abstract. It is not related to something that is not representative, but clear representation of the creative mind. Abstract art can be divided into two main types such as figurative abstraction and emotional abstraction.

As the name suggests, figurative representation is a symbolic representation of situations or ideas in some ways the artist intended. They are a simplification of reality, avoiding unnecessary details. The essence is left for use. Emotional abstraction representation of emotions, spirituality or voice.

The movement of abstract painting emerged in the mid forties in New York. It gradually gained importance in American art. When artists like James McNiell start to believe in harmonious arrangement of colors representing the visual perception, and not an image of objects, abstraction started gaining popularity.


Some abstract artists even took a mystical approach to this issue, but determining its objectives and intentions clearly on the canvas. It was believed that abstract expressionist artists relied on the spontaneity of creation and introduction of the stream canvas in large-scale. The most expressive painting method was considered important.

Abstract expressionism is not to focus on one topic; rather than to focus on many themes or styles. It focuses on the many ideas. Artists of abstract expressionism valued individuality and spontaneous inventiveness.

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