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Aesthetics is a branch of science that deals with the study of beauty theory. It is the philosophy and the study of the nature of beauty in the arts. Aesthetics play a very dynamic role in our daily activities such as talking, sitting, talking, eating, getting dressed, etc. The various senses, as well as emotions like love, joy, hope, fun, help us to express our aesthetic feelings towards artifacts and expressive activities.

There are two types of theories in aesthetics. These are the qualities of imitation and liberal, the qualities of formalism and design, and the emotional and expressive experience.

Imitation and liberal qualities: it focuses on a realistic presentation of the subject or imitation of life or what we see in the real world. This involves precise representations of things or objects in nature.

Formalism and design qualities: this theory of aesthetics emphasizes the design qualities of an artifact. It focuses on the arrangement of elements guided by the principles of design or composition such as balance, unity, proportion, etc.


Emotionalize and expressive experience: This theory of aesthetics is interested in the content of the work of art and the nature of the work of art to convey a message to the viewer. It emphasizes the interpretation of the work, therefore the philosophical, cultural, or symbolic meanings associated with the work. Emotionalism requires communication, feelings, mood, or solid ideas of the work to the viewer. This aesthetic theory is very interested in the emotional feelings associated with work. It could be fear, sadness, anxiety, happiness, hate, etc.

Although one or two of these aesthetic theories can be used to judge or criticize a work of art depending on the type and purpose of the criticism, it is appropriate or preferable to use the three theories in the criticism of a work. Art. Indeed, if we limit ourselves to only one of the aesthetic theories to appreciate and criticize a work, certain unique or interesting aspects may not be discovered; this is why it is advisable to implement the three theories in the criticism of a work.

Aesthetic training or education is the study or learning of our environment through the human senses in order to train our sense of aesthetics. This training takes time and is progressive to become an expert in aesthetics. This experience or knowledge of aesthetics accumulated over a long period of time is called aesthetic experience.

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