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Afro is the term used for the hairstyle, which takes curly (artificial or natural), or kinky hair. Term is also referred to as “natural” and is called the “fro” as well.

Accentuated in the 60s, this style was introduced by people of African descent living in countries such as Britain and the United States. Curly or frizzy hair need different kinds of help or supervision. This type of hair tends to dry out more quickly as a deficit in natural oil produced and supplied by the scalp to moisten the hair, due to the fact that the hair stands away from the scalp, the glands produce less sebum and twists in the hair to prevent little oil to be distributed to the end.


Afro hairstyles are becoming popular all over the world just a few decades ago, but this hairstyle existed long before the era of industrialization. In fact, one researcher from the UK has seen a lot of people called Hadendoa Beja wearing afro hair style, which is defined as “Fuzzy-WuZZy” in (British term). Afro style also became a symbol of danger on the African continent during the political unrest of the 20th century and individuals, even ordered to stop wearing this type of hairstyle.

However, Africans are not the only ones who are familiar with this kind of style. The Jews have their own versions too often called “Jewfro”, sometimes called “Isro”.

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