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Agriculture is the main occupation of the human being and that is also very important. It offers a variety of products – plants – which are important for all of humanity. Agriculture is not only the support of people of their livelihood, but it helps a large number of industries as well.

Agriculture forms the raw material for a number of agricultural products on the basis of industries. The main products are the result of agricultural activities are processed in large plants before the final product is sold. Thus, agriculture creates jobs for people who work in agriculture, as well as those in industry, agriculture-based sector.

The concept of “food security” is important, and therefore, agriculture is important. The challenge to feed human being was perhaps the first priority of its rulers throughout history. Thus, agriculture is considered to be the basis of political and social stability of a nation since time immemorial.


In addition, the agricultural sector plays an important role in providing large scale employment to people. The large and moderately large farms hire workers to perform various tasks related to the cultivation and care of farm animals. In most countries, agriculture remains the largest sector responsible for the use and supply a large percentage of the population.

Agriculture is also important in terms of assessing the level of development of the country, based on the competence of its farmers. Poorly trained farmers can not use modern methods and new technologies.

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