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Feeling excited about your goal, right now, is what you need. Complaining about your situation does not help you succeed>. Justifying your situation does not help you succeed. Blaming someone or blaming yourself does not allow you to succeed. Or feel guilty, angry, depressed, or sad. Instead, being enthusiastic about reaching your goal is the key to success. Here are four new ways to think about aiming for your star while creating what you want with enthusiasm:

Achieving your goal will take some effort

The biggest effort involved? Learn to get excited about what you want. Excited effort directed for what you want. Even when you “re-lapse,” especially when you “re-lapse,” learn to get excited again. Quickly. Dwelling on your failure, flogging yourself with criticism and feeling gloomy will not help you at all. When you don’t meet your expectations and realize that what you wanted didn’t happen, regroup and get excited again. Let go of old oppressive thoughts and actions where you tell yourself you’ve already blown it up so that the day is completely brought down.


Let yourself be dreamed

Dream big or start small. It does not matter. To make your life function at the high level that you say you want too, there is no way to do the work necessary to get there. And the most important work. Take the time to dream. Start dreaming! It is possible to have what you want! You can become the person you always wanted to be! If you don’t dream of it, no one else will.

 Set up your life to support your dream

It involves action. Inspired action that makes you feel good and recognizes your well-being. Use your journal and write down your goal every day. Add colors, stars, and stickers! Take the time to sit down with your dream and feel it alive in your body. Let yourself feel how exciting it is to already have what you want. Create a dream board and cover it with pictures, symbols, and words of whatever you want. Watch it for 5-10 minutes when you first get up and before going to bed at night.

Focus more on your desire than on your doubt

How do you do that? Take the decision. Decide that once an hour, for ten seconds, you will fill your mind and body with the excitement of your desire. Decide that each time you notice your doubt, you will stop and fulfill your desire. Say no to feeling bad.

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