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Aladdin is a fictional character and protagonist of the 31st Walt Disney Pictures “Aladdin” (1992) film, based on the folk tale of Middle Eastern origin “Aladdin”. He is voiced by American actor Scott Weinger and his singing voice is provided by Brad Kane. He also starred in direct-to-video sequels “The Return of Jafar “(1994) and “Aladdin and the King of Thieves” (1996), as well as an animated TV series based on the film. Mena Massoud played a live version of the character in a live adaptation of the 1992 film.

When Aladdin is first introduced, he is eighteen years old. He never received a formal education and studied only living on the streets of Agrabah. To survive, he has to steal food from the local market. He was born to Cassim and his wife. When Aladdin was very young, his father and mother left him to find a better life for their family.

One of the first problems the animators faced during the creation of Aladdin was the portrayal of Aladdin himself. Director/Producer John Musker explains: “In the early screenings, we played with him when he was a little younger and had a mother in the story. In design, he has become more athletic, full-bodied, more than a young leading man, more of a teen-hunk version than before.”. “He was 13 years old, but over time that changed to 18.


Supervising animator Glen Keane used parts of teen idols and film actors to create Aladdin’s physique. The main inspiration for his appearance was originally Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future, but was later changed to Tom Cruise. Keane based the Aladdin Loose Pants movement with rapper MC Hammer. Some say this perception of the character makes him too modern for a film production.

Aladdin was drawn with big eyes, like other Disney characters, to show his innocence. The lineaments of his body are more free-flowing and more rounded than those of Disney characters. He looks like a modern 18-year-old guy outside of his wardrobe. In the film, he is often referred to as a street rat.

Aladdin is portrayed as a fast and extremely caring person. Like most Disney characters, he is a heroic young man who seeks to win the favor of many other characters, which demonstrates his insecurity. He is not above lying and stealing, but never with malicious intentions, but in order to survive. The biggest difference from the norm is that, unlike most Disney youth characters, he is more of a passive character. As a street urchin, he wears a red fez hat, a purple waistcoat and walks barefoot; he retains this appearance even in the animated series after his engagement to Jasmine.

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