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Anacondas are highly efficient carnivorous predators. They’re sheer mass contradicts with the speed when it comes to capturing their prey and getting there meal. How an anaconda kills it is an amazing sight to behold. These creatures live near bodies of water such as streams, rivers, marshes, swamps, ditches and ponds.

They are not stalking its prey or hunt. Instead, they wait at the available animal to wander close and then they attack.

Anaconda can move relatively quickly, especially when considering their size when they are in the water. They are much slower on the ground. Thus, aquatic animals such as fish, frogs and turtles are easy prey for such feared animal.


Anaconda can slither close to the water’s edge, keeping submerged under water till the last moment. Their natural color blends with the area around them, allowing them to be camouflaged and difficult to see. The unsuspecting bird or land animal can become too close, and suddenly find themselves in a death grip without extra seconds of hope of survival.

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