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To gain the approval from others is the ultimate achievement for some people. As if this is the main goal that they have on this earth. And if they really do it; then their life will be complete.

This will mean that the focus of the person is more or less external. And if someone is seeking approval from others, it means that this person is not separated from others and therefore not an individual.


A place where someone is seeking approval from other people; like this can’t come from anywhere else. It is unlikely that a person would look at animals or set aside other so-called inanimate objects for approval.

However, if someone is religious, he/she may be a certain deity or other type of presence. But at the same time it is an unusual person.

Areas of life

Here you can look at their social group or friends for approval, their family and close relationships. And it can also include people in the community; with certain authorities or people with status considered for approval.

This can range from “celebrities” to musicians and anyone else who has been elevated, interestingly enough, with the public’s approval.


All Of Nothing

Some people who compulsively desire the approval of other people; it will be either complete approval or disapproval. There will be no middle position, there will be only one choice and one option.

This will mean that mental and emotional well-being will be constantly threatened. How other people react to what you imagine will determine their state of mind.

Approval or rejection.

Approval or disapproval is the result of the dual nature of ego mind. This is a normal process of the mind and how it perceives reality.

Seeing life in this way is not only inactive; it will also cause a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering. Sometimes people approve of what one does and sometimes they won’t.

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