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The majority of people, if you ask them, “what is art?” usually corresponds to “painting” or “sculpture.” They would not be work, but perhaps they are a little naive about what art is. One definition of art is that it is “the expression or application of human creative skills and imagination.” Thus, paintings and sculptures fit well into this category, and artists can express their “creative abilities and imagination” in these forms. But art is much more than a painting. Art can be anything, anywhere.

Take a stereotypical form of art, such as a painting. When someone looks at a painting, they appreciate it for its beauty and creativity. Think of the hard work and creativity that came to create this painting. All this makes “art”. So we can not watch dance or music in the same way? Accuracy, attention to detail and, most importantly, the creativity that it does in dance or music is the same as in sculpture or painting. Thus can we not all class it under the same umbrella?


So now look at the nearest table or chair on which you are sitting. Has anyone designed, sculpted and did not, therefore, requires creativity and skill? These are two objects that we take for granted because we simply see them as what we sit or eat. But these objects themselves are art forms. You can apply the same principle to everything – from a coffee cup to your shoes, to a computer keyboard.

We are constantly surrounded by art that we do not even consider. Even when you relax, watch a movie or read a book that you value, and participate in a work of art.

Art sets us apart from any other mammal. When people first evolved, our brain improved. This does not necessarily mean that we have become smarter than other animals, but we can think in other ways, for example, we can see the beauty and be creative. This work was first shown to very early people who painted on the walls of caves. In the modern world, we still express our thoughts and love to make statements, but instead of drawing in caves, we paint our houses, wearing outfits that reflect who we are, we participate in various texts that are all kinds of art.

Imagine a world without art. It seems almost impossible.

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