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The average lifespan of a car battery, although roughly pegged at 3-5 years, but can be further improved by adhering to a consistent and disciplined upkeep approach. Poorly maintained four-wheel batteries can cause major troubles in the long run. If the current battery runs out, you will get stuck and need a jump start. You can easily avoid this situation by taking the necessary precautions and keeping your car battery in top condition.

Unfortunately, the upkeep and maintenance of automotive batteries is one of the factors often ignored. Usually little or no attention is paid to the battery unless it causes trouble. Some of the most common problems that plague automotive batteries are low voltage or low charge, which has a significant impact on power and function.

To avoid a crisis, pay attention to these precautions that help automatic batteries maintain the best performance and avoid low-charge batteries.


• When working on batteries, always protect eyes, hands and clothing to avoid injury from short circuit or malfunction.

• Check the terminals to which the battery cables are connected to make sure they are tightly wound and not corroded. If corrosion has already occurred, seek help from a qualified technician to clean the terminals.


• Make sure the battery is securely attached to the mounting bracket. Unsafe batteries that move around during transport of the vehicle can be damaged and can cause short circuits.

• Batteries come in different sizes. When replacing the car battery, select the size that is appropriate for your car. When it comes to car batteries, keep in mind that larger is not always better.


• If you think the battery is frozen, do not charge. It may explode and cause injury. One of the visual signs that the battery has frozen is that the sides are curved. This condition cannot be repaired. This means that batteries need to be replaced by a professional as soon as possible.

• If you need to charge the battery yourself, switch the charger to a low charge setting. Most chargers have this feature, but if not been configured, get a professional charge the battery.

• Do not charge the battery in the car alternator when it is dead. Alternators are not designed to function as a charger. Doing so may damage the battery or shorten its life.

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