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Baboon, of all primates in East Africa, often interact with people. In addition to people, baboons are the most adaptable ground living primates and live in different habitats. Smart and tricky, they can be agricultural pests, so they are considered as vermin not a wildlife. The life lifespan of these African animals is 20-30 years on average.

The two most common baboons are found in East Africa, olive baboon and yellow baboon. The larger and darker olive baboon was found in Uganda, western and central Kenya and northern Tanzania. Smaller, thinner and lighter, yellow baboon inhabits southern and coastal Kenya and Tanzania. Both “dogfaced”, but yellow nose turns up more than olive’s.


Baboons are remarkably the diverse habitats and is extremely adaptable. When water is readily available, baboons drink every day or two, but they can survive for long periods by licking the night dew from their own fur.

Baboons sleep, travel, feed, and communicate with each other in groups of about 50 individuals, consisting of seven or eight males, and about twice as many female as well as their young.

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