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Backslash can be used to represent paths in MS-DOS and Windows. For example, c:\users is an example of a backslash used. Backslash can also be used for any of the following reasons.

  • Backslash is used as a escape character.
  • Separator of files and directories in the file path.
  • Network computer or folder in network path.

In many programming languages, such as scripting languages ​​C, Perl, PHP, Python, and Unix, backslashes are used as escape characters to indicate that the character after it should be processed in a certain way (unless otherwise processed normally) otherwise it will relate specifically).


For example, in string C in quotes, the string \n creates a new byte instead of “n”, and the sequence \ “produces a true double number, not a special value of a double quote ending in a string, this is used in this way by changing the following character in the meta tags and vice versa.

Outside strings, the only common use in languages is end of line, indicating that the next new line character should be ignored so that the next line is treated as part of the current order. In this context, it can be called an “continuation.”

In PHP version 5.3 and above, backslash is used to denote a namespace.

In some dialects of the BASIC programming language, the backslash is used as an operator symbol to denote integer division.

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