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Bears are an fascinating, complex creatures, but they often do not understand and are afraid.

Undestading the Habits

There is a widespread misconception that the bears are naturally nocturnal. Generally, bears are solitary creatures and are considered relatively antisocial than other animals to predators such as wolves or lions. The only time you do not tend to see bears in small groups in during the seasonal events, like eating salmon runs, or when the company forward with their mother. Although mostly solitary, they are very curious creatures.


If you listen carefully, you may be able to hear the different sounds of the bears. You may be most familiar with a growl, which is typical a warning sound, but they also moan, bark, stroke, roar and rumble. Groans are usually mild warning while the barking is to show anxiety or excitement.



Most bears, except for the polar bear has entered a period of winter dormancy, as the temperature drops, and food becomes scarce. As winter approaches, they have entered into hypertrophy phase, or excessive eating to get fat for a long sleep ahead. In hibernating bears, body temperature drops and the metabolic rate slows down, allowing the animal to go to hibernate for a several months without eating, drinking, urinating or defecating. Hibernate can last from three to eight months, Bears also lost 25-40% of their body weight by the time they appear in the spring.

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