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Nominated for six Oscars, including one for best film, Beauty and the Beast, is one of Disney’s biggest animated achievements. Its huge success has reinvigorated the Disney animation juggernaut that has been dormant for decades, launching the release of breakthrough blockbusters such as Aladdin, The Lion King, and Finding Nemo. Bringing home two Oscars for best music (original score and original song), the film launched a trend in Disney animation by mixing musical numbers (with a cartoon choreography), an aspect that would become a staple for the film-by-film basis for the rest of the decade. In short, Beauty And The Beast is a historic production just as remarkable today as when it was released.

Following the Disney tradition of transposing well-known fairy tales from the pages of a book to the brilliance of the big screen, Beauty And The Beast follows the life of Belle (Paige O’Hara), a beautiful bookworm maiden girl who most captivates her qualifying bachelor town, Gaston (Richard White). Dissatisfied with life in her small French villa, Belle is particularly tired of conceited and egocentric Gaston, unable to understand that Belle does not welcome his affections.


Meanwhile, The Beast lives in solitude in a long-abandoned castle, having had a spell cast on him due to his inability to love. The spell transformed the handsome prince into an ugly beast, and it transformed all of his servants into dishes, candlesticks, and other inanimate objects. When Belle’s father, Maurice (Rex Everhart), makes a wrong turn, he inadvertently unites the life of Belle and the Beast. After spending a lot of time with Belle, the bitter and hardened Beast begins to soften. He and Belle fall in love, but Gaston and his fellow marauders from the village arrive at the walls of the castle and ask for Belle’s return, threatening to kill The Beast.

The highlight of Beauty And The Beast is the musical number “Be Our Guest,” which features an entire dining room filled with teacups, plates, and eating utensils. The sequence paved the way for similar scenes in Aladdin (“A Whole New World”) and The Lion King (“Hakuna Matata”). Directors Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise not only create a perfect transition from song to story, but they also manage to introduce countless humorous lines into the musical sequences, especially with the first song bandaged by the rival for Belle’s hand, Gaston.

One of the best movies of all time (from all genres, not just animation), Beauty And The Beast remains one of Disney’s most heralded creations.

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