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The beetle is a small number of invertebrates, it is known that it is extremely flexible and is found in many different shapes and sizes. Beetles have been found in almost every other habitat on earth and only absent from the freezing polar regions.

More than 300,000 species of beetles living on the earth, and over 12,000 beetles live in the United States have a hard shell and four wings. Some beetles cause a lot of harm by eating plants, wood and food. Others help us to pollinate crops, or eating insects.


Beetles comes in various sizes and shapes. Titan beetle from South America can grow to a length of 8 cm and Goliath beetle, usually about 5 inches in length. The smallest beetle, Featherwing beetle can not be seen without a microscope.

Beetle is omnivorous and feeds on whatever they can find, but in general, plants and fungi and debris from plants and animals. Some of the larger species of beetles have been known to eat small birds and even small mammals. Other species of beetles feed on dust from the tree.

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