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We all know what the boat are; They are slightly concave structures that float on the surface of the water. Maybe a paper boat or a real life wooden boat are always the same and serve the same purpose. They help to carry material, human beings, and much more in the watery maze of rivers, oceans and small rivers. We all made paper boats when we were kids, and saw them swimming in the water of the park.

But the first great boat was the Noah’s, Ark. This was a boat too, but one that was very large and able to holding a couple of all the animals in the world. Noah used his boat to save his family and the whole world, and we use the boat for recreation and time pass.

Over time, the boats have evolved, and the boat design changed radically. Now we have a wide selection of boats, each of which is suitable for a specific purpose. There are racing boats, sailing boats, ships, speed boats, upstream boats, cruise ship and many others.


We have a simple and small sailing boat, which is the most common form of the boat that is currently used. This boat can be made of wood, aluminum or steel, or even fiberglass. Usually, people prefer to buy wooden boats as they are not so expensive. However, aluminum boats are also available, which are not very expensive, but cheaper than other boat material. Aluminum boats are light; they are very durable, have a very long service life and do not require maintenance.

Aluminum, however, has problems with corrosion due to electrolysis. The presence of various metals in these boats leads to electrolysis, which leads to corrosion of the metal. So, no matter what boat and design use, boat material is the most important.

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