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Body art tattoos are gaining as a new fashion among the youth today. Celebrities, rock stars and sports persons are sporting more visible tattoos than any other cultural icon to save the military. Changing your personal body image with piercing and tattoos have become so commonplace that they are losing the social stigma that used to be placed in a body of artistic society. It is no longer seen as a negative image found only in sailors and immigrants from third world countries.


Finding a quality tattoo can mean the difference between seeing boat loads of generic, cookie designs and see the fresh, high quality, unique tattoo design. I have witnessed many cookies intended so much that it is only the wallpaper in the studio.

Poster displays, hanging from every wall, showing the same images found in any other studio with a few personal projects tattooist mixed to show diversity. Change of body image with body art tattoo must be unique and personal experience to be considered for a few weeks to several months.

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