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Popping bubble wrap is an attractive idle pass time. Admit it, some of your favorite childhood memories are that you’re popping away at a sheet of the ones that absorbed your interest, right? Have you ever wondered how bubble wrap is made during these precious idol moments? Or how are these perfect little air pockets trapped between plastics for your popping pleasure? Read on to find out exactly how it was done.

First, the plastic granules are sprinkled closely on a heated conveyor belt. This warms the plastic particles, but keeps them in shape. Consider these bits of plastic like heated chocolate chips. Even if it gets hot, it stays the same shape unless disturbed, at which point it becomes liquid. Therefore, the warm plastic particles pass under the rollers, which are all flattened. During this crush, the individual bits of plastic melt together and a thin, transparent sheet of plastic appears on the other side of the roller.

Currently, two of these sheets are used to make bubble wrap. One has a real foam and the other acts as a cover to seal the air. To form the bubbles, wrap the first sheet around a cylindrical bar with little bubble shaped indentations in it. When the plastic is held taut in the cylinder, suction pulls it into each little hole, shaping the bubbles by stretching plastic into the dents. This is a lot like when you poke you finger into a taut sheet of plastic wrap and leave a dent.


Finally, a second plastic sheet is placed on top of the first sheet, trapping air in the air bubbles between them. The explosion of the hot air turns the two sheets into a single piece and voila! Bubble wrap! The factory will wrap the bubble wrap (no stuffing required) and ship it. Many companies and businesses that use this product daily receive it and package its own items to protect the product from damage in transit.

Next time, when you find a large package arriving at your door, breaking it and stuffing it with bubble wrap, think back to the factory where the stuffing was made. And recall the simple process that created this wonderfully entertaining material while playing with noisy improvised toys and enjoying your inner child. Happy popping!

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