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Business is an organization or enterprising where a person engaged in commercial, industrial or professional activities. Business can be a non-profit organization, such as a publicly traded corporation or non-profit organization engaged in business activities such as agricultural cooperative.

Any commercial, industrial or professional activity carried out by a person or group. Reference to a particular area or type of business.

All activities directly or indirectly related to the exchange of goods or services for money or cost money is called business.

In business, the exchange of goods and services is commonplace. Entrepreneur regularly engaged in a number of transactions, rather than just one or two trades.


Business is done for profit. Profit is the reward for the services of a businessman.

Anyone cannot run and manage a business. To be a good businessman, a person must have a good business qualities and skills. The businessman needs the experience and ability to do business.

Each business transaction has at least two parties, the buyer and seller. Business is nothing but a contract or agreement between buyer and seller.
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