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Butter is one of the main products in the domestic kitchen; it is used in many different foods and recipes to tempt the taste and tease the taste buds. When most people think of butter, they are likely to think about the kind that spreads over a pile of pancakes. In fact, this is only one, and there are many other types that are obtained from a variety of fruits and nuts.

The butter obtained from raw or pasteurized milk from cows or goats, in ancient times, sheep or camels.


It takes about twenty-one pounds of fresh cow’s milk to make one pound of fresh butter. Most of the butter is made up of family farms, so the butter can be an individual area to try slightly different in different regions on the basis of the food the cows and other animals consisted of.

Since butter has remarkable qualities, to give a soft gentle taste of fatty foods, it is added to many times, the cooks add chopped fresh herbs, such as tarragon, basil or garlic with fresh butter. Vegan butter made from nuts soybean butter which is a healthy alternative for those who are on a vegan diet. It is a good substitute for someone who is lactose intolerant.

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