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Garlic is useful for good health in one form or another. Get past the odor, and the world of good, you can take a daily regimen of fresh garlic or garlic supplements. Although not all health benefits of garlic have been proven in the laboratory, the century of garlic consumption – and its use in a distinct natural medicine – indicate herbs with different medicinal properties and considerable nutritional value.

Garlic contains healthy acids and high levels of constitutive alliin, a derivative of an amino acid said to be responsible for the use of herbs for health. Garlic contains trace elements of copper, zinc, germanium, selenium, iron, magnesium, vitamins A and C, as well as several useful sulfur compounds known to bind heavy metals and toxins in the liver and transported them for elimination.


For thousands of years, garlic was used in natural medicine for the treatment of various viral, bacterial and fungal infections, as well as serve as a wound, swelling and intestinal parasites. This can speed up metabolism and help burn fat and regarded as free radicals fighting agent and enhancer of the immune system of the heart healthy diet. Garlic is also known as effective in the fight against the plague of the Middle Ages.

Studies have shown that garlic may be able to increase the level of insulin in the blood and to stabilize blood sugar.

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