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There are many things that people associate with other living creatures. Just like the black cat can mean misery for some people, butterflies also symbolize so many things for some people. In the life cycle of a butterfly, it starts as an egg, which turns into a caterpillar. Then it becomes a cocoon before it becomes a beautiful creature, capable of flying in the sky. The beauty of butterflies and the unique conversion cycle are the most notable features of this creature.

Butterflies come in different colors and sizes, but seems to be a common understanding of them. For some people, butterflies mean soul, change and transformation. Here are some of the most common beliefs and symbolism associated with butterflies.

In Chinese culture, the butterfly symbolizes a long life, and people who love to often use the image of a butterfly to show it in the form of letters or other objects. The Japanese have a lot of respect for the butterflies, the image is often included in the family’s coat of arms. Butterfly for them is happiness in marriage and the vitality of youth.


In Greek mythology, butterflies are designed to show the souls of loved ones. In Russia and the Irish, butterflies are considered as the soul of people waiting to pass through purgatory. There is a city in Mexico where Monarch butterflies migrate, and when swarms of butterflies appear as they celebrate the Day of the Dead.

In all of these beliefs are three things that are common in their belief that the butterfly mean – transformation, change, and a new and better life. Butterflies go through many different stages of it life, before really blossoming into a beautiful butterfly.

The mystery and the perception of people about butterflies never seems to change. People attach themselves not only with their beauty, but their belief in what they symbolize butterflies. It is a living creature deserves to be protected and respected by all.

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