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C, is the third letter of the alphabet, corresponding to the Semitic gimel (probably from the early ‘camel’ sign) and the Greek gamma (Γ). In Corinth and in the alphabet Chalcidic there is a rounded shape, both in the early Latin alphabet and in the Etruscan, both angular and rounded. The encircled form survives and becomes inclusive, and the form of the letter has changed a bit since then.


The sound, represented by the letter in Semitic and Greek, was the voiced velar stop, presented in English by the “hard” g. The Latin alphabet shows an ineffable velar stop (shown in English, k, as well as c), and for some time it seems that it is used for both voice and endless sound. This change is probably related to the Etruscan alphabet, from which the Latin alphabet is derived, because, obviously, there is no linguistic difference between voices and voices in Etruscan language. There is an early Latin inscription in which the word RECEI appears (probably the early dative form of rex, “king”), while the letter C is still used to represent a broadcast sound. Finally, for the sound of the broadcast, the new symbol G is used, and C moves K as a representative of the unvoiced stop.

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