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The chaise longue is a truly unique piece of furniture in the history of interior design and is perhaps among the least known of all home furniture. Unlike the sofa or armchair, which have become standard accessories in the family home, the chaise longues have retained a sense of mystery and elegance due to their unusual shape and function. No sofa or chair, the chaise longues is a curious halfway house with a unique heritage. So, if you want to know more about chaise longues, here is a potted history of the piece to introduce you to the product.

In many ways, the modern chaise longue traces its roots back to ancient Roman dining chairs that were widely used throughout the Roman Empire as a banquet in the villas of wealthy merchants and Roman citizens. Shaped with a long footrest and a headrest, the Roman lounge chairs invited the user to recline while eating, while offering a level of comfort but also showcasing their attire in a social context. In a number of mosaics, the Romans are represented reclining in such as manner while dining with friends, family and colleagues.


However, it was only after the advent of upholstered furniture that the modern chaise longue really came into being. Unlike their Roman predecessors, 18th-century French furniture makers developed a range of ornate padded lounge chairs designed for living rooms, bedrooms, and living rooms rather than as dining room furniture. By using horsehair to upholster the frame, the French have developed both the classic day bed and the meridian chaise which have become the definition of the product to this day. Padded for comfort, the lounge chair has now taken on combinations of elegance, luxury and indulgence and has become extremely popular among the French elite of the time.

Becoming popular during a period of French pre-eminence during European history, the lounge chair has become almost irrevocably associated with the opulence, glamour and style of the decoration style of the French Empire. Perhaps the emblematic piece of furniture of this period, the chaise longue retains a certain mystique and admiration in the eyes of a large part of the English-speaking world which continues to associate the item with the luxury and the splendor of French culture during this golden period. For these reasons, the vast majority of interior designs would agree that the chaise tends to be considered a timeless or classic element with a decidedly French interior aesthetic.

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