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A check mark, or tick (British English) is a sign (✓, ✔, etc.) used (mainly in the English-speaking world) to denote the term “yes” (for example, “Yes; it is confirmed”, “yes; this is the correct answer “,” yes; this has been completed”; this [item or option] applies to me.”) The x is also sometimes used for this purpose (especially on ballot papers, for example in the United Kingdom), but usually means “no”, incorrectness or failure.

The verb to check (off) or tick (off) means to add such a mark. Print forms, print documents, and computer software usually contain check boxes.

The check mark is the predominant affirmative symbol of convenience in the English-speaking world due to its instant and straightforward composition. However, in other countries, the mark is more complex.


In Swedish schools, teachers often indicate the wrong answer, and the “R” from Swedish rätt, i.e. Correct, suggests that the answer is correct.

In Finnish, ✓ means väärin, i.e. “Wrong” because of its similarity to oblique v. The opposite, “correct”, is marked with {\ displaystyle \ cdot \! / \! \ Cdot} \ cdot \! / \! \ cdot, a slanted vertical line underlined with two dots.

In Japan and Korea, O is used instead of a checkmark, and the X or ✓ mark are commonly used for wrong.

In the Netherlands, the letter “V” is used to indicate that something is missing, and the flourish of approval (or Krul) is used to approve a section or amount.

In Britain, the check mark is referred to as a tick.

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