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There can be hopes for girls in terms of a bright future if we can solve one of the greatest problems of human existence i.e. the problem of discrimination and gender bias. Only gender equality and the full empowerment of women can provide a safe future for the girl. When women are healthy, educated and free to use the opportunities of life, they thrive. When women thrive in life the family in turn flourishes and flourishing with assertive, women are responsible for the good future for the baby girl.

Hope for a Girl

Children who are the future wealth of a nation can thrive and flourish only when women in the family and society are healthy, educated and independent in making informed decisions about their lives. But the situation is far from ideal. Women face extreme difficulties and marginalization due to discrimination based on gender and bias. They are subjected to countless forms of violence and difficulties. Most women in large parts of the world are weak and subject to a life, which is completely dependent on others. She faces domestic violence, the trap of commercial sexual exploitation and faces harmful traditional practices such as early marriage, premature pregnancy, female genital mutilation, etc. The negative consequences of all this are faced by the baby girl. The practice of child feticide, infanticide, low education, cruel treatment and a life of suffering and deprivation is what they offer to girls when women are weak and can not take care of their children.


Empowerment of Women and Protective Home Environment

Therefore, any optimism regarding the development and progress of girls depends on the full empowerment of women. Gender equality can guarantee the revival of strong and aggressive women, and in such circumstances, we can see the real flourishing of the girl. Fully empowered women will share the relationship of equality with their partner. This, in turn, will lead to positive reinforcement, while the girl takes care of a safe and secure home environment. We see that the empowerment of women and the girl child is a mutually exclusive phenomenon in which the development of women can lead to the development of girls, which in turn will further empower women and development of women. In fact, such ones generated by a positive cycle will carry in a continuous manner.

Finally, the education of young women is one of the most effective ways to empower girls, as well as national growth and development. The education of young women helps protect girls from discrimination and violence, helps to strengthen the family as a whole and helps in eradicating poverty, corruption, and abuses by society.

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