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Piano music have two Clefs, one of which is the treble clef and one Bass Clef. The reason for the two Clefs, because there are quite a lot of piano keys that are repeated should be able to be divided almost in the center of the piano. Thus, as a general rule, notes below MIDDLE C is usually read in the bass clef and the lower tone piano and notes over the Middle C, usually considered in treble clef, and be heard higher tones of the piano.

The next step is to understand the notes on the stave. Each line and space on the stave represents a note. There are a few simple rhymes to help you remember. You have two rhymes to remember every Clef, one of the notes on the lines and the other for music in-between the lines.


For the treble clef notes sat directly on the line are E G B D F. Popular rhyme use in Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Jingle Bells, Happy Birthday and so on.

Music often notated using the Staff (and tablature.) The staff consists of five horizontal lines on which musical notes lying. The lines and the spaces between the lines represent different landscapes. The subregion is lower than the staff and higher pitches higher than staff.

The main purpose of the music is the key to set the pitch of a certain line. There are 3 main pitch clefs in use which is G, F and C.

The more you practice and learn piano the better you can play piano.

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