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The proliferation of climbing gyms has quickly changed the sports scene. Now people who would otherwise be too scared to try rock climbing are flocking to gyms. As a result, the sport is growing exponentially. People are moving from easy 5.7 lifts to more complex 5.10+ lifts at unprecedented speeds. Gyms turn climbing into a spectacular sport where people go to see and be seen. There are simple things you can do to improve your climbing skills at any level.

The abundance of strong climbers can be intimidating for beginners. It is important not to lose heart when comparing the level of climbing with those who climbed longer. Remember not to lower yourself. For example, do not tell yourself that you are a slow climber. Instead, say you climb slowly. See the difference? You have the potential to learn from your mistakes and eventually become an amazing climber. Learning and development is a journey, and you must admit that with time, you will become better. Instead, try to learn from other climbers by observing their movement. Where are their legs when they climb? How do they change their weight? Do they look relaxed or tense? Are their movements intentional?


Let’s talk about the mental state of climbing. People often overlook this when they learn to climb. You should not try to break the route too quickly. Do not forget to relax. The best climbers do not try to defeat their route. Instead, they observe and work with the climb. Their body flows effortlessly through movements, and they seem relaxed. Your goal should be to climb as smoothly as possible, and not just finish the climb. First of all, you must remember to breathe. Breathing relaxes you and provides the body with oxygen. It also helps to disperse the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles. Many beginners hold their breath while climbing. This almost always leads to them becoming tense and exhausted.

Observe the climb before you start. Imagine that you are successfully climbing forward in each step. Have a positive attitude and tell yourself that you can succeed. Take a few deep breaths before starting the ascent. When you are on the wall, let your mind go blank. It’s easier to get into the climbing zone when you don’t think about failure or who is watching you. One of the great aspects of climbing is the freedom that you can feel on the wall. You leave your problems behind on earth. As you climb, focus on your movement. Focus on the present while climbing. Do not worry about the upcoming steps. Instead, focus on the next two steps. Climbers often talk about their 8-foot bubble of awareness. They do not think about how high they are. They are only aware of the task.

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