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Many people think that having a “closed” neon sign at a business is a totally useless idea. The stores are closed; there’ll be no transactions allowed. So why bother hanging these signs? Well, the answer here is simple. It is for the convenience of owners and customers.

Business establishments hang neon signs on store windows, and most of these signs operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There are always signs that remain lit, so there is no immediate way for customers to know if the store is still open or closed that day. People have the impression that as long as the sign are on, the place is still operational and doing business. The use store-bought paper or plastic signs labeled “Closed” could not be seen from afar. People need to walk to the store, and sometimes they need to look into the windows to check the store’s open or close situation.


Simply hanging on the neon sign will immediately tell you that no business unit is available for conducting transactions or sales at that time. The signs will be visible from a distance, so people will not be inconvenienced to get closer to the store. Instead, they can continue on their way. This is the same for people in cars. You don’t experience the hassle of finding a parking lot and getting out of your car, just finding that the destination store isn’t available after all. Seeing signs that are a few blocks down the road frees them from going through this minor aggravation.

The use of closed neon signs is also a practical choice for private practitioners such as dentists, lawyers, doctors, etc. Sudden appointments, court hearings, or surgical emergencies can occur, and they must leave their offices. After seeing the signs, the walk-in patient or client will be given due courtesy not to wait and can find other options. If they are more than waiting for you, they can just set an appointment and get back the next day.

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