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  • Clouds is a large group of small water droplets which are visible in the air.
  • Cloud formed when water evaporates and condenses in the cold air in the earth’s sky.
  • Rain, snow, sleet and hail falls from clouds is called precipitation.
  • Most clouds form in the troposphere (the lower part of the earth’s atmosphere), but sometimes there is higher than in the stratosphere and the mesosphere.
  • The clouds can contain millions of tons of water.
  • There are a number of different types of clouds, the main cloud types include stratus, cumulus and cirrus.
  • Stratus clouds are flat and featureless, appearing as laminated sheets.
  • Bunch puffy clouds, like cotton, floating in the sky.
  • Cirrus clouds are thin and delicate, appear high in the sky.
  • The other planets in our solar system have clouds. Venus has a thick cloud of sulfur dioxide while Jupiter and Saturn are clouds of ammonia.

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