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Communication is especially important to IT projects when trying to implement new tools and processes with a project. Bad communication will lead to distrust in the project and its management, and ultimately make it impossible to fulfill all the goals and objectives of the project.

What is Communication?

Communication in life is the pinnacle of any successful – and not so – successful relationship. According to Webster’s dictionary, communication is defined as the process of transferring information from one person to another. Communication processes are mediated by the interaction of the signal between at least two agents that share a repertoire of signs and sign rules.

Communication is usually defined as “the inculcation or exchange of thoughts, opinions or information of speech, writing, or signs.” Although there is one one-way communication, communication can be better perceived as a two-way process in which there are an exchange and the progression of thoughts, feelings, and ideas (energy) towards a mutually acceptable goal or direction (information)

Why is Communication Important?

Often we have a message that we want to communicate or want a message recipient to understand our message in the same way as we go through.

Effective Communication

Effective communication helps organizations maintain good relations with customers and employees; Sending information effectively helps to avoid any disputes that may arise due to misunderstanding.


Inefficient communication usually leads to failure, because it does not cause the desired response in the form of feedback from the receiver. It is a disgrace to many commercial organizations. Many managers communicate, but often not very effective. The lack of capacity for effective communication of managers is the reason for the failure of many companies. Any company or business organization needs an effective communication network to function properly and achieve its goals.

The ultimate goal of any form of communication – face to face meetings, telephone discourse, teleconferences, video-conferences, interviews, e-mail, letters or memo – is to get the expected response in the form of feedback from the receiver to the sender. This is what is effective communication. This is to ensure that the information is well connected and properly communicate with the fact that the recipient understands the message and react positively. In other words, effective communication is one that achieves the results for which it is intended.

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