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The crown is the traditional symbolic form of headwear or a hat worn by a monarch or deity for whom the crown traditionally represents power, legitimacy, victory, triumph, honor and glory, as well as immortality, righteousness and resurrection.

The Crown has a lot of history of ownership. The Crown was the first part of the Kingdom of Lombardy, where the name of the Lombardy Crown begins. The Kingdom of the Lombards was a very early medieval state, created by the German people, known as the Lombards. The crown is made of gold circlet attached to the central iron band.

It is said that the band have been flattened out from an iron nail from the True Cross. The True Cross is the cross on which Jesus was crucified on. As it is said in history, the True Cross was originally given to the Emperor Constantine by his mother St. Helena. There were four nails of a True Cross. According to legend, Helena threw the first nail into the sea. The second nail was incorporated in the helmet of Constantine. The third nail was attached to the statue of the Emperor. The fourth and last nail was cast thrown and slightly formed into a bit for Constantine’s horse. It is said that because of their intrinsic value, which the Emperor Constantine fully understood, he used these items for diplomatic power that they could provide.


It is for this reason that Emperor Constantine sent several fragments of nails to many high-ranking persons. One of these fragments was sent to Princess Theodelina; queen of two successive Lombard Kings in Italy. Princess Theodelina was the one who used this nail as part of her crown, which we now know as the Lombardy Iron Crown. It will be at the end of the sixth century.

Whether it’s fact or fiction, the crown itself is really a beautiful and unique story. Later, the crown became more and more tied to the Italian monarchs. It is said that the crown was used in the coronation of Charlemagne, one of the greatest kings of Italy and the least conqueror. By the 14th century, the crown was used for the coronation of all the kings of Italy.

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