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In the early days of cyberattacks, organizations waited for an attack before creating a comprehensive plan and response to the attacker. This attack will render the organization’s network presence unusable for days. Some of the reasons cyberattacks can severely disable networks early in this malicious activity are due to the lack of effort in defending and preventing coordinated efforts between private companies and governments, and lack of effort.

Since the first well-known widespread cyberattack in the mid-1990s, many experts in public and private organizations diligently been studying and working on the issue of cyberattacks. Initially, security companies such as Norton, McAfee, and Trend Micro, etc. approached to tackled this issue with a reactive posture. They knew that hackers/malicious attackers would strike. The goal of what is now called an intrusion detection system (IDS) was to detect malicious attackers before an antivirus, Trojan horse, or worm was used in strike. If an attacker can strike the network, security experts will analyze the code. After the code was analyzed, a response or “fix” was applied to the infected machine. Fixes are called signatures and are downloaded consistently over the network as weekly updates to protect against known attacks. IDS is waiting, but security professionals have a much more sophisticated approach and are evolving as part of the armory.


Security professionals have begun to look at the problem from a precautionary angle. As a result, the cyber security industry has moved from defense mode to attack mode. They were now troubleshooting how to prevent an attack on the system or network. Based on this idea, an intrusion prevention system (IPS) called Snort (2010) was soon introduced. Snort is open source software that combines IDS and IPS and is available for free download. With IDS / IPS software like Snort, security professionals can be active in the cyber security arena. With IPS, security professionals can attack as well as defend, but they are not glorified and do not stop monitoring the work of malicious attackers for creativity, imagination, and innovation. And security professionals who protect the cyber world can be equal or one step ahead of attackers.

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