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Dates are a palm fruit that is grown in many tropical regions of the world. Dates have become quite popular in recent years.

Having multiple dates can fuel your energy, as well as the balance of your sugar level. It is rich in iron and other vital nutrients; Dates are packages of delicious goodness. That’s not all! Dates also promote better digestion and prevent many health problems.

Are Dates Good for Your Health?

Dates are often called “superfoods” because of the many health benefits that they offer. These fruits are loaded with dietary fiber to help in better digest while preventing constipation. Dates are also rich in several nutrients, such as antioxidants, which fight free cell damage and reduce the risk of cancer.

How Many Dates to Eat Per Day?

Nutritionists recommend eating 3-7 dates per day to improve health condition. Regular adoption of this limit can contribute to smooth bowel movements. You will also notice an increased level of energy with a lot of vitamins and minerals present in these fruits. Exceeding the limit may increase blood sugar level.

What Is The Best Time to Eat Dates?

There is no particularly good time to eat dates. You can eat them after meals to replace your fatty desserts with something sweet but healthy. Eating them before meals can reduce your cravings for food and reduce your intake. Have dates after long fasting or even as your first meal in the morning to get instant energy!


Five Health Benefits of Dates

In addition to great tastings, dates contain proteins, vitamins, and minerals. They are also:

1. High polyphenol content. Polyphenols are antioxidant compounds that can protect the body from inflammation. Dates contain more polyphenols than most other fruits and vegetables.

2. An alternative to empty high-calorie sweets. Dates can satisfy a person’s sweet tooth while providing essential nutrients such as vitamin B-6 and iron.

3. High fiber content. Just ¼ of a cup of dates provides 12 percent of a person’s daily fiber requirement. Fiber helps a person feel fuller for longer.

4. High potassium content. Dates contain a large amount of potassium, which is an electrolyte that the body needs for good heart health. Potassium also helps build muscle and protein in the body.

5. Great for substitutions. People can replace the sugar, chocolate chips, or sweets in baking recipes with dates to make sure they eat natural sugar instead of refined sugar.

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