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Internet security is of great importance. The first thing you can do as a user is to protect everything on your computer so that others do not have access to it. Deleting files is a tool you need to learn how to use it properly. We’re not just talking about putting your files in the trash and hitting delete. No, we are talking about permanently deleting unwanted and unused files on your PC.

When you delete your files normally, they go to your trash, or your recycle bin. You still have access to them in the bin in case you put them there by mistake. When you empty the bin, you have a second chance to examine the files, so be sure to delete them. Once you empty the bin, the files are gone, at least in your eyes. There are ways to restore these files if you know-how.

What happens with normal file deletion is that the system deletes the files from your site and creates space on your hard drive that can be overwritten, which usually takes care of the situation. But, if they are not overwritten right away, these files are still available to those who know-how.


So let’s say you buy a new computer, and you have deleted all of your files and emptied the bin on your current computer, and then you throw it in the trash. You might think that nobody can find your personal files – wrong!. An unscrupulous person could locate your hard drive and do their best to recover your recordings, the most likely passwords and account numbers. What you want to do is delete a file which will permanently delete the unwanted files from your computer. You will need software for this.

A few words of caution are necessary here. Be very careful when deleting files permanently because if you delete the wrong ones, like those that are part of your operating system, your computer will not function properly. Be very aware of what you are deleting permanently. A very good suggestion is to save all of your files to an external hard drive or to a website specializing in this service just in case.

How the files are deleted permanently.

The terms commonly used are shredding or wiping. What happens here is that the software writes multiple times to your files and with different algorithms, which will then make them inaccessible to anyone. The algorithms used are often the same as those used by governments to permanently delete files.

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