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Obviously, everyone would like to have a doctor. And it’s pretty clear why. This gives you the opportunity to get qualified help around the clock. Such a doctor can better diagnose and treat you better, because he constantly observes you. He is interested in your health and cares about prophylaxis. Finally, he is a close and trusted person to whom you can say things that you will never tell anyone.

Family medicine is a separate medical profession, which has been actively developing all over the world since the Second World War. Today, no one is deprived of the opportunity to acquire their own family doctor. It is only necessary to determine what is more convenient and effective for you: visits to certain specialists for any health problem or regular supervision by your family doctor.

First of all, the family doctor differs from his approach complexity. After testing by five different specialists, one risks getting many recommendations, and some of these recommendations can often duplicate or even exclude each other. The family doctor has clear ideas about the health of his patient and prescribes the systematic treatment of the principles of end-use medicine and evaluates the effectiveness of recommendations based on approved and scientifically valid data. Thus, the patient’s health during recovery has a minimal risk of side effects and is released with the optimal medication, which saves strength and resources.


The family doctor takes into account not only the physical, but the psychological status and social status of his patient. A person is not only a set of organs, but modern doctors, unfortunately, often forget about it. In addition, the family doctor uses the elements of psychotherapy, taking into account the influence of concomitant factors on the course of the disease: beginning with the home environment, social situations and stereotypes and ending with the emotional state. In this sense, family medicine is more humane, because it is based on personal interaction between the family doctor and his patient.

Another key feature in the work of the family doctor is his attention to prevention. Today, patients are accustomed to consult a doctor only when they already have serious health problems. The task of the family doctor is, first of all, not to treat the disease, but to prevent it.

The great specialization of the family doctor allows him to be aware of all modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of the most common diseases. Of course, it does not replace specific specialists whose task is to consider complex cases using specific methods. A family doctor or general practitioner is the first doctor who addresses your medical problem. Acting in the interests of his patient, the family doctor cooperates with certain specialists, rationally prescribes a further review and evaluates the effectiveness of the treatment.

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