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Teaching your dog tricks is a great way to boost his mental agitation, and it allows the two of you to connect. Learning can be fun and easy, as long as they knows the basic commands, such as “shake hand” or “sit or up” Here are three simple tricks that you can teach your dog.

Shake Hands

Since most dogs have a natural instinct to raise their paws on treatment, trick training will be easy to do. Your dog will need to sit before training. You will then need to put a treat in your hand and move slowly, placing it close to the dog’s paw. Once your dog begins to raise his paw waiting for treatment, you have to say the word “shake”. Don’t forget to praise your dog and repeat this step, holding his hand a little higher each time, so that your dog will have to raise his paw up to catch the treat.



This trick can be taught to all dogs, but these pets under 40 pounds who learn dance trick faster. When you start the learning process, make sure that your dog is in a sitting position. Put a treat in your hand, but do not forget to close the hand and move it near the dog’s nose. In slow motion you want to raise your hand to your dog’s head; Next, you want to slightly move your hand behind your head. Once your dog will look at his hand, standing on its hind legs. Give the dog a treat and praise him as soon as he stands on his hind legs. Repeat this step again and again until the dog can not stand on their hind legs quickly and reliably.


Always continue to exercise 10 minutes a day. You will need to be patient, positive and calm when training your dog to do these simple tricks. Good luck and remember to show your dog new tricks for your family and friends!

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