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When you’ve got an, you probably want to scratch it. But whether it’s a mosquito bite, chickenpox, or a chronic skin problem like eczema, any scratch relief will be short-lived. And too much scratching can make the problem worse.

Your muscles, joints, and organs can hurt. But your skin is the only part of your body that can feel both pain and itching.

Itching can be caused by something outside of your body, such as poison ivy, or by something happening inside, such as psoriasis or allergies.

While pleasant, scratching actually causes mild skin pain. Nerve cells tell your brain that something is hurting, and this distracts it from the itching. You may feel better at this stage, but 1 in 5 people says that scratches start to itch somewhere else.

Sometimes the pain from scratching causes your body to release the pain-relieving chemical serotonin. This can make itching worse.

This is why the more you scratch, the more you itch. The more you itch, the more you scratch. This cycle can be difficult to interrupt, especially if you have really intense itching. Not all itches are the same. Many things happen when your body reacts to pollen, nuts, and other allergens – your immune system releases a chemical called histamine. Others are due to problems with the nervous system, such as shingles or stroke. They can cause tingling and numbness along with itching.

If you have psoriasis, itching may look more like a burning sensation. Some have compared it to being attacked by fire ants. Some medications, such as those used to treat malaria, cause painful itching.


Whatever the reason, it’s important not to scratch too much. This can lead to skin wounds, infections, and scarring. It can also make you anxious and stressed. If you can’t pick it up and just need to scratch it, try not to use your nails. Instead, rub, pat, tap, or hold the itchy area firmly. You can also pinch your skin slightly.

This helps keep your nails short, so you are less likely to scratch your skin. You can also try wearing gloves in bed to protect your skin while you sleep.

There are a few other things you can try to deal with the urge to scratch:

Avoid the itch triggers. Whether it’s a wool sweater, a hot room, or a specific cleaning product, know what’s driving your skin and then try to steer clear.

Cool down. A wet compress or cold shower can relieve itching.

Take care of your skin. Dry skin will increase itching. Do not take long hot showers or baths. Use a gentle, fragrance-free moisturizer and stay away from perfume products.

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