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People have been making and buy dolls for their children for thousands of years. The first dolls were modeled after the gods and were used as instructional aides. Many years later dolls are toys for children of both genders. They are made of primitive materials, often clay, wood or fur. Unfortunately, few samples were recovered from the prehistoric period.

Archaeologists have discovered dozens of dolls from ancient Egypt. Since most of them were found in graves or tombs, these dolls are well preserved. Historians also remind us that every time an Egyptian was buried with an item, it means that it was a valuable or prized possession. These early Egyptian dolls are made of flat pieces of polished wood, often painted and decorated with hair. Hair consists of rows of wooden beads or clay tows. The earliest of these dolls were found in graves back to 2000 BC.

Only in Greek and Roman times, dolls are made especially for girls. They played with them for several years, and then, when they were old enough, they offered them as a gift to their beloved goddess. Most of the dolls that were recovered from these periods were found in the graves of little girls.


But even in the most primitive dolls, historians noticed a common theme. The focus of doll making, whether made by a parent or a professional, has always been to make a doll as realistic as possible. Dolls with removable clothes and movable limbs, starting from back to 600 B.C. have been uncovered.

Centuries later, Europe became the center of the doll, creating a doll universe. In fact, in the 16th and 17th century dolls were so popular that for the first time there was something like a professional doll maker. Of course, the dolls were still made of wood, but the skill and attention to detail was beyond anything that was produced in the past.

The most important innovation in the history of the production of dolls had nothing to do with the material – what was connected with this topic. Until the end of the nineteenth century, most dolls were created and modeled after adults. But the famous French doll “bebe” from 1880 depicts a younger girl. After the baby dolls, almost all the dolls are patterned after the children.

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