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Dust is everywhere, literally, in our homes, roads, markets, offices, parks and in car parking areas it can easily find it everywhere. Everything is laden with it – the computer, kitchen ware and household appliances, furniture and wall hangings, decorative pieces and bookshelves. Dust is not a monopoly of the East; it has its own niche in the West, although not so rampant and obvious.

In fact, dust is not limited to our planet, but to the neighbors planets, comets, meteorites, star cousins from outer space and intergalactic spaces, as well as cosmic dust – the star equivalent of our terrestrial material. After air, it is the most omnipresent composite material of the Earth, which is sometimes difficult to distinguish from it.


Dust in residential areas is constantly disintegrating from wind and human activities. It rises and settles all the time, and as the air moves from house to house. It consists of dermal flakes, fabric fibers, flour and food dust from mixers and mills. It comes from cleaning, sweeping, cooking and, of course, dusting.

All this is self-made; there is also dust coming from outside, like street dust emitted by traffic, a wind blowing industrial pollutants, things that are bought in stores, and of course people are walking. Once inside the house: it finds several things to settle on such as carpets, furniture, shelves, window sills, walls and ceilings. Fluffs of dust gathers in small used corners, under beds embedded into seat cushions and pillows, at the top of the shelf and cabinets and, of course, in the attic space.

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