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Encryption is the process of encoding data in cryptography. This procedure turns plaintext, or the original representation of the data, into ciphertext, or an alternate representation of the data. Only authorized parties should be able to decrypt a ciphertext back to plaintext and access the original data. Encryption does not prevent interference in and of itself, but it does hinder a would-be interceptor from understanding the material.

An encryption technique commonly employs a pseudo-random encryption key produced by an algorithm for technical reasons. Although it is possible to decrypt the communication without the key, a well-designed encryption method necessitates significant computational resources and abilities. With the key supplied by the originator to recipients, but not to unauthorized users, an authorized receiver may quickly decode the communication.


Various types of encryption have been employed to help cryptography in the past. Military communications made extensive use of early encryption technology. New approaches have arisen since then and have become widespread in all aspects of modern computing. The ideas of public-key and symmetric-key are used in modern encryption methods. Because current computers are ineffective at cracking encryption, modern encryption approaches provide security.

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