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The blockchain system EOS.IO is based on the cryptocurrency EOS. The smart contract platform promises to be able to perform millions of transactions per second while also eliminating transaction costs.

The EOSIO platform was built by the private business block.one and distributed as open-source software on June 1, 2018, based on a white paper published in 2017. Block.one released one billion tokens as ERC-20 tokens to facilitate widespread distribution of the native cryptocurrency upon the blockchain’s debut. Once the software was launched, this enabled the distribution to allow anybody to start the EOS blockchain. Brendan Blumer, the CEO of block.one, said that block.one href=”https://www.pngall.com/support-png” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>support the EOSIO network with over one billion dollars raised from the token sale, and that block.one would ultimately raise over four billion dollars to support the blockchain over the ICO period.

Dawn 1.0, the first test net, was launched on September 3, 2017, followed by Dawn 2.0, Dawn 3.0, and Dawn 4.0 on December 4, 2017, January 25, 2018, and May 7, 2018.

Dawn 1.0, which was released on the EOSIO mainnet on June 1, 2018, is now running on version 2.0.8.

In September 2019, block.one agreed to pay a $24 million penalty to the US Securities and Exchange Commission in exchange for settling allegations connected to the $4 billion unregistered ICO. A compensation offer, token registration, or any other disqualifications were not required as part of the agreement.

The EOS ecosystem is made up of two main components: EOS.IO and EOS coins.

To compare, EOS.IO is similar to a computer’s operating system in that it administers and controls the EOS blockchain network. EOS.IO is based on a blockchain architecture that allows decentralized apps to scale vertically and horizontally. The EOS token is the EOS network’s cryptocurrency.


To leverage network resources and construct and run dApps, a developer has to possess EOS tokens rather than spend them. A token holder who isn’t running any apps may also rent or offer his bandwidth to other participants.

Currently owned by the block.

Dan Larimer, the inventor and developer of existing platforms like Bitshares and Steem, founded one of the organizations, EOS.

How is EOS Different?

While there are already a number of blockchain-based networks, such as Ethereum, that enable decentralized applications, EOS focuses on critical blockchain pain points and attempts to solve the problem of speed, scalability, and flexibility, which are often bottlenecks for such blockchain-based systems.

With the scale of the dApps ecosystem on a specific blockchain network growing by the day, it frequently suffers due to a lack of resources on the network. They include issues such as the network being slowed down by a high number of fraudulent transactions and similar requests, spamming apps, poor execution speeds, and limited processing power accessible throughout the network.

EOS.IO aims to overcome these issues by providing additional scalability, flexibility, and usability through its unique methodology.

Through the use of parallel processing and asynchronous communication methodologies across the network, it promises to serve thousands of commercial-scale dApps without experiencing performance bottlenecks. Separating the many parts involved in the operation of dApps improves efficiency even further. The authentication procedure, for example, is carried out independently from the execution process.

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